Virginia College at Austin

Virginia College at Austin

SVU Signature School

​Below is an interview with Dianna Sequeira the Program Director at Virginia College at Austin sharing how they became a Signature School and the benefits that it provides their students.

How did you​ arrange for your school to become a Signature School?
We researched the possibility on the website. We found that being an SVU Signature School coincides with the VCA program's high standards of knowledge and patient care in the field of Vascular Technology. We presented the opportunity to our program's Student Society which consisted of students and sponsors. We then collected dues from each individual student and submitted the applications and fees.

How does SVU help supplement your lesson plans?
The students use the JVU for their pathology reports and for any other research that is needed in class. We encourage students research other information that is provided through SVU such as the webinars and professional performance guidelines.

What value do your students receive from SVU?
As members of SVU, the students have the ability to work closely with the SVU organization especially through the new Student Community. The students receive a lot of helpful resources for their didactic and clinical education as well through the SVU.

Why should schools become a Signature School?
Signature School status shows your commitment to encourage vascular students and future Vascular Technologists to continue to grow educationally and clinically in the field of vascular.

Vascular students at Virginia College at Austin.